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Teacher Review

I am a part-time teacher in BC School, and I had another job as an airline stewardess. I often travel to the United States, Europe, Canada and other places. Can teach Chinese as a foreign language is a chance, introduced by a friend, go through interviews, training, and until now teach in formal classes.

I remember when I first came to BC to do the interview, the interviewer gave me a book, and let me choose from the five words to explain, my first reaction was to use the English word to translate and explain the meaning of the word. Then the interviewer asked me how do I teach if I encountered students who do not understand English, I was shocked when the teacher asked me a question: “我买苹果了”and “我买了苹果”, what is the meaning and usage of these two sentences. I suddenly found out in ordinary life that for foreigners who didn’t understand Chinese well, some words and sentences like these were not easy for them to understand. Because of that, I participated in BC’s teacher training courses.

Before, the flight work towards the foreigners were mostly one side, and now after I become a teacher, I can communicate and exchanged deeply with students from around the world, while teaching them Chinese in the same time. There will be a lot of traditional culture, human history, and ideas on the exchange, which is the process for the teacher and the students to communicate. This industry naturally has its own unique charm, choose the right direction, and then there will be an unexpected harvest and growth.