Chinese Course
University Entrance Exam

Course Introduction

From 2008 to 2012, we have been engaged in the teaching of preparatory courses of Peking University and until now, we had achieved a brilliant results. 2008 – 2009, 8 students study the course, and 6 of them had succeed getting into Peking University. In 2010, 21 students study the course, and 17 of them had succeed getting into Peking University. And around 2010-2011, 37 students had studied the course, and 33 of them had succeed getting into Peking University. The enrollment rate at the beginning was around 75%, but now it has increase to 89.1%. The students who had succeed getting into Peking University were also passed the test of HSK 8 (old), or equal with the new HSK 6.

Students who graduated from BC School, got into Peking University with different majors, such as: Guanghua College, School of Economics, School of International Relations, School of Journalism and Communication, School of Government, School of Social Science, School of Philosophy, School of Chinese History, School of Art, Chinese Academy, and Institute of Archaeology. This program had successfully help students in the preparatory class and help them pass the examination test of Peking University.

Recommended Teacher

Chen Yang         

Teaching Director

Responsible for the teaching management of BC School and teaching arrangement for all students, as well as teachers' training and teaching materials preparation. She is also the examiners of the Chinese Proficiency Test. Strive to continuously improve the professional quality of their own team of teachers, to keep track of the progress of teaching and learning of the students. Hope that students can improve their Chinese proficiency and achieve satisfactory results while enjoying the process of learning Chinese. Focus on teaching HSK six, her student achievement is outstanding.

Teacher and Students Photo

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